The Union Pole tape label had a huge impact on me. It shaped the way I listen to, think about and find out about music. And I know it had a similar effect on 1000’s of others across what we now call the No Audience Underground.

This blog is a chance to have a think about those 76 tapes released in the early 1990’s, learn a little more and, most importantly, have another listen.

There is no nostalgia here. This music made over 20 years ago sprouts fresh tendrils into the music made today.

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You can view the entire Union Pole tape archive here and remember Union Pole are still releasing music that you can find here

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About me? My name is Joe Posset. I’m an amateur musician and writer. I’ve written for Radio Free Midwich, TQ Zine, Bandcamp and The Wire (once). You can find my dictaphone-based music here.